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Microtel INN & Suites

Microtel INN & Suites

With Microtel Inns & Suites, a stay in Baguio is equal to a stay in any of the Microtels in the Philippines or in USA, Honduras, Mexico, Argentina or Canada as this hotel adheres to the chain’s international standards of quality while ensuring affordability. It’s the same great hotel everywhere you go with Microtel’s consistency in cleanliness, comfort, safety and value.

The Manor Camp John Hay

The Manor Camp John Hay

The Manor is not only distinguished by its impressive architecture and cozy interiors, but also blessed with an environment that truly sets it aprt from other hotels in Baguio City. This four-storey, structure, designed to blend neatly with towering pine trees, provides a magnificent view of the Cordillera mountain range. Here, one can literally open windows to cool, fresh air.

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